How The Government Shut Down Affects Home Loans

Today, I read numerous articles that addressed the issue of the government shut down and how this shut down affects mortgage loans. The following three articles give hopeful information indicating that for the most part, the shut down will not affect most government based loans, such as FHA and VA loans. On the other hand, if you are seeking a loan that requires an IRS income tax verification, there could be a delay, because the IRS offices are closed. As well, if you need to obtain a verification of income or other information, the offices that verify the information are closed, again causing a delay. –Marlene

FHA, VA loans 'safe' during government shutdown – Florida Realtors


WASHINGTON – Monday, Sept. 30, 2013 – Contrary to widespread media reports, new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) single-family home loans will be processed if the expected government shutdown occurs at midnight.

Six Ways the Government Shutdown Affects Home Loans | Mortgage


The last time we went through a government shutdown in 1995, it was a pain, but not a panic.

What the Government Shutdown Means for the Mortgage Market


A prolonged government shutdown could make it harder for some home buyers to close on their mortgages, though any shutdown that lasts for a week or two isn't likely to have much impact, industry officials said Wednesday. Still, the shutdown could cause headaches if it lasts for longer than one or two weeks, because new closings might be delayed for lenders that are unwilling or unable to process loans without the IRS form. “Lenders will have to decide whether 

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